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India emerged with a global positioning by strengthening its internal resources and progressed with the era of Industry 4.0. Technology, Market forces, and our existing paradigms need to be revolutionary to make our economy strongly competitive and integrate with the global world. This has raised the demand from corporates to have enterprising employees. These employees should ideate on business processes and services, to enable companies to perform better. Accountability, Ownership and Responsiveness have become the success key of the personality fabric. Creative functional exercises at workplace will test the length, breadth & depth of our education and experience. In lieu of the above, Management Education needs to wear a global outlook with strong local perspective that strengthen our economy. The Institution has to be profoundly sensitive toward capability enhancement of the students and thereby focus on building Talent, Attitude, and Skills & Knowledge (T-A-S-K).

Management Education at Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research (CIMR) is much more than just aspiring for a current job or fulfilling managerial aspirations. With five decades in education, it’s an institution that shoulders the responsibility to coach students for life.

The PGDM Program at Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research (CIMR) equips the students with business knowledge & skills, research insights and enhancement of self-management skills to make an impact on business & industry. The institution is committed to contribute towards core values for self, organisations and society. The students are assisted to define individualized programs on capability enhancement that serve their interests to make one employable. Each of CIMR’s PGDM program is designed with a special perspective to enhance cross functional learnings. In-depth coverage of syllabus along with latest inputs from industry, the Institution constantly strives to develop new talents as per requirements of the industry.  It culminates towards set goals for understanding business and entrepreneurship competencies to drive results. The specialised PGDM-Marketing program drives the outcome to elevate critical thinking towards marketing decisions and relevant strategies across industries. The PGDM program in Retail supports the analytical understanding of footfalls, space and resource management in leading retail stores. This enhances their opportunities in the niche area of retail management. Overall  development that connects the Personality Development Capsule along with events like Elixir, Vipanan, Arthanaad, HROPSYS, Good to Great Management Fest, Challenger, Debates and Elocutions, Rural Immersion, HR Conclave, Case Study Competitions, Reminiscence, CSR Programs and CKBC (Chetana’s Knowledge Board Competition), Psychometrics, Trend Analysis. Industry presentation, multiple exercise on reviewing company profile and Job Description to be industry ready etc. forms the strong foundation for overall development of young enterprising managers in our PGDM programs.

CIMR academic team members are transformational leaders in their academic fields and in business practices. The Academia is encouraged to make use of multi modal methods of teaching, learning and assessment. They are constantly engaged in their research based teachings and make it relevant by making use of concepts to practice and vice versa. There are examples to substantiate that practicing managers seek CIMR Academic team as consultants and use their concepts to build and lead businesses with required performances.

It’s our vision to see that CIMR provides endless opportunities for scholarly attitude, self-development and enhancement of relationship with peers, influential alumni, the business world, and other academic institutions as part of knowledge sharing exercises to brick that cement of collaborative intellectual efforts. Creating an enabling environment to learn, share and care with respect in our student’s community is the key motto.

The areas of focus for the future will be encashing on our rich experience, our corporate connections and wide spread 10000+ alumni to build a learning community that embraces curriculum that continues to have global relevance for life long learnings. Integrity, Learning, Excellence, Adaptability & Development (I-LEAD) should form a special part of our work values & institutional culture.

I look forward to building on the successes gained in the past by such a prestigious institution and work towards making a positive difference to all stakeholders.

It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you


Professor (Dr) Rajesh Arora
Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research (CIMR)

Synopsis Profile of the Director: Professor (Dr)  Rajesh Arora

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