CIMR boasts of an excellent IT infrastructure that supports its pedagogy of out-of-class learning. The computer center services the IT needs of the Institute and is equipped with state of the art servers, desktops, printers, scanners, projectors, routers and other networking peripherals. The entire campus has Wireless LAN connectivity.
CIMR is also creating a state of the art information Systems set-up consisting of Gigabit Ethernet Backbone and Fast Ethernet to the desktops. Our computer center is equipped with 217 desktops, HP Servers, Printers and Scanners exclusively for students.
CIMR aspires to face the future and keep up with the changing times. With this objective the computer center is well equipped with relevant softwares.
All students are provided with laptops to facilitate continuous learning. The Institute also offers full time Leased Line Internet accessibility of 48 mbps for all students, faculty and office.

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