The course structure provides a perfect combination of conceptual framework and practical insights to tackle business problems.

First Year

Semester ISemester II
1. Innovative Management Practices 1. Fundamentals of Financial Management
2. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting2. Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
3. Economics for Business3. Managing Business Research
4. Production and Operations - Fundamentals4. Marketing Management - Concepts & Cases
5. Managing Organisational Behaviour5. Fundamentals of Cost & Management Accounting
6. Quantitative Techniques 6. Operations Research
7. Information Systems for Business7. Analysis of Financial Statements
8. Managerial Communication8. Entrepreneurship Management
9. Fundamentals of Marketing9. Marketing Application & Practices
10. Marketing for Professionals

Second Year

Semester IIISemester IV
1. International Trade and Global Mgmt.1. Creativity and Innovation for Management
2. Strategies in Business2. Business Government & Society
3. Summer Internship Project3. Emerging Trends in Marketing
4. Managing Products and Brands4. Business to Business Marketing
5. Sales and Distribution Management5. Strategic Marketing
6. Consumer and Indl. Buying Behavior & CRM6. Services Marketing
7. Finance in Marketing & QMM7. Industry Oriented Project
8. Advanced Marketing Research & Analytics
9. Advertising and Sales Promotion
10. Marketing for Professionals

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