The course structure provides a perfect combination of conceptual framework and practical insights to tackle business problems.

PGDM Program is conducted on a semester basis with four semester spread over two academic years. Specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations and Systems is offered from Semester two onwards.

First Year

Semester ISemester II
1. Innovative Management Practices1. Fundamentals of Financial Management
2. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting2. Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
3. Economics for Business3. Managing Business Research
4. Production & Operations – Fundamentals4. Marketing Management – Concepts and Cases
5. Managing Organisational Behaviour5. Fundamentals of Cost & Management Accounting
6. Quantitative Techniques6. Analysis of Financial Statements
7. Information Systems for Business7. Entrepreneurship Management
8. Managerial Communication
9. Fundamentals of Marketing

Most of the courses include projects as part of the syllabus. The students take up 8 to 10 week summer project in industry at the end of the second semester of the first year as part of the curriculum.

Second Year – Third Semester

Core Subjects
  1. International Trade & Global Management
  2. Strategies in Business
  3. Summer Internship Project
Optional papers
1. Managing Products & Brands1. Corporate Finance
2. Sales & Distribution and Management2. Investment Analysis and Effective Portfolio Management
3. Consumer & Industrial buying behavior3. Corporate Law
4. Finance in Marketing 4. Corporate Valuation
5. Advanced Marketing Research5. Banking and Insurance Industry – A Management perspective
6. Quantitative Models in Marketing6. Fixed Income Investments
7. Advertising and Sales Promotion
8. Services Marketing
1. Organizational Theories and Design1. Excellence in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
2. Competency Management2. Material Control System
3. Introduction to Industrial Relations and Labour Laws3. Business Process Re-engineering & Global Bench-marking
4. Training and Development4. Manufacturing Resource, Planning and Control
5. Performance Management Systems5. Advanced Optimizing Techniques
6. Global HRM6. Product Development Studies
1. Software Engineering
2. Business Intelligence & Analytics
3. Understanding Enterprise Application
4. Knowledge Management
5. Managing Technology Platforms
6. Advanced Database Management Systems

Second Year – Fourth Semester

Core Subjects
  1. Creativity and Innovation for Management
  2. Business, Government & Society
  3. Industry Oriented Project
Optional papers
1. Emerging Trends in Marketing1. Financial Modeling
2. Business to Business Marketing2. Wealth Management
3. Strategic Marketing3. Corporate Mergers, Takeovers and Valuations
4. Services Marketing4. Project Finance
1. Management of Change1. Strategic Operations Management
2. Strategic HRM2. Project Management
3. Developing a Learning Organisation3. Global Best Practices in Manufacturing
4. Organisational Developement4. Service Operations Management
1. IT Infrastructure Management
2. Project Management
3. Technology, Competition & Strategy
4. Data Mining and Data Warehousing – Concepts and Techniques

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