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Innovative world-class teaching comprising of lecture method along with Interactive learning is generally practiced, however, some faculty also use presentation and discussion methods as a distinctive pedagogy . Faculty use chalk and talk method and students are inspired to interact during the sessions and this is considered as class-room participation. During Semester I, students are introduced to the concept of Group Project and Group Presentations. However, for some subjects, individual presentations are encouraged. During PGDM Sem II, students undertake live-projects and off- summer projects and are guided by both internal faculty and industry experts. Students are given assignments and projects based on Excel, SPSS and lab sessions are conducted to inculcate the practice of using technology in research.

The Institute for all its programs has clearly stated learning outcomes for each course to ensure different levels of learning. Dissemination of the Program Educational Objectives (PEO), Program Outcomes (POs) and Course Outcomes (COs) are disseminated to the students and other stakeholders through of various communication tools. The students are communicated the learning outcomes in each course through the course outline developed by the faculty. The assessment pattern is structured in a way by which these learning outcomes are achieved. The results of the assessment are then discussed in the department of the area meetings and wherever the gaps are either in content, pedagogy or assessment method, steps are taken to close it. The Institute is also ensuring that the evaluation techniques keep pace with the changes in the delivery techniques. Open book exams, group assessments, case-based discussions and assessments are a few of the different tools being used to evaluate the students’ performance.


International Yoga Day 2021

Since 21 June, 2015, the International Day of Yoga has been an annual, global celebration. The physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga originated in India. It’s an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well -being.

The reason for picking 21 June as the day for celebrating yoga was on account of the fact that this day marks the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, This year is mark the seventh edition of International Yoga Day, and in light on the ongoing corona virus pandemic, the theme this year was, ‘Be with Yoga, Be at Home’. This year the focus was on practicing yoga at home with one’s family.

A healthy immune system protects us by first creating a barrier that stops those invaders and viruses from entering our body. We can support our immune system by making conscious dietary choices and also Yoga. So today we first focused on Backward, Forward and Sideward Bending Postures which release stress helps to reduce fat and also build immunity. So we engage our legs, core and hands to boost our metabolism. Also some breathing exercises and acupressure therapy.

In the concluding session we had a Meditation with Positive Breathing Awareness and Allowing our Thoughts to Flow. The practice was aimed to relax you and enable you to have an open and positive mind. It’s very important not to fixate our thoughts on someone or somebody and avoid negative feelings.

The New Trinity for Business Growth

The reset normal has resulted in unforeseen challenges leading to business disruptions. It is the need of the hour to explore how individuals and organizations can improve their Project Management approach, IT security skills and other capabilities to ensure customer centricity and sustained business growth irrespective of the domain.

We are proud to present our knowledge sharing session, “The New Trinity for Business Growth: Customers, Projects and Security” in association with ARCON one of our esteemed industry partners.

This knowledge sharing series would include widely-acclaimed thought leaders, industry professionals, academicians and alumni from Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research and experts from ARCON.

We are pleased to invite you all professionals current and future to join us for this Virtual summit on 25th and 26th June 2021, 4 pm to 8 pm (IST).


chetanas reminiscence

Chetana’s Annual Alumni Meet, organised by Chetana’s Alumni Network- ‘REMINISCENCE’-a latin word that means, reminding you of someone or something, for instance, sitting with your old friends saying "Yaad hai vo din!", is one of the most happening events wherein each and every Alumnus, right from the first batch of 1981 to the last batch that freshly graduates that year, is invited.

Reminiscence is a day of celebration where the Institute gets to reconnect with its Alumni and feel proud of their success and achievements.

This glamorous night brings back together some long lost friends and professors and creates new bonds and memories to be cherished forever. It is an excellent opportunity that encourages networking amongst Chetanaites across all batches.

As the legacy of this event, the batch completing 25 prosperous years of graduation is felicitated with great admiration as stars of the night.

The night continues with enthralling live performances, delicious cuisines and a lot of dhamaal-masti which leaves an imprint in the minds of all and a yearning for next years Reminiscence.

Come join us as we celebrate our Alumni…

-Chinmay Sawant


Chetana's Institute of Management & Research



Harnessing India's Resources
to make India Self-Reliant
in collaboration with ASEAN countries

While everyone got comfortable with online classes, there was a need for an intellectual learning mechanism to groom the students and keep them thinking in a virtually oriented environment.

The international conference at Chetana was the perfect opportunity to encourage the students to participate, present, digitally witness and learn about not just one but four different areas of expertise. The discussions and learnings of the conference mainly revolved around “Harnessing India's Resources to make India Self-Reliant in collaboration with ASEAN countries".

The conference began with the address of our Guest of Honour, Prof. CH. Ibohal Meitei followed by the keynote address by Mr. K. V. Rao from Singapore who deliberated on India’s capability to achieve self-reliance and in collaboration with other countries. We were honoured by the presence of Mr. George Abraham, from Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), as our Chief Guest.

For our Supply Chain conclave, we had great speakers like Dr. Chalong Suktong, Mr. Khin Maung Soe, Mr. Ishantor Sobhapandit, and Mr. Krishan K. Batra. There was a thorough discussion on the “India-ASEAN Connectivity & Global Value chain”. The leaders spoke at length with our students about Myanmar’s preference towards China for trade, possibilities of enhancing cultural ties, the impact of trade agreements on the financial markets of the countries, etc.

The ASEAN summit was graced by the presence of six distinguished speakers like Mr. George Abraham, Mr. Laldinkim Sailo, Mr. Lourembam Bikram, IAS Dr. Sriparna Baruah, Mr. Dato Ramesh Kodamal, and Prof. CH. Ibohal Meitei. Discussions on Organic farming and export potential of the North-Eastern states, land road projects under construction, potentials of Bamboo cultivation in the North East, and how improved connectivity can be brought about by highways and digital gateways, were discussed. It kept our students engrossed, waiting for more.

The Agri-Business and Pharmaceutical Conclave imbibed great enthusiasm and courage in our students to think in terms of a self-reliant Agriculture and Pharmaceutical base in India. Dr. Devesh Roy and Dr. Phadke addressed the trade deficit situation in our country, the presence of an innovative eco-system, and agribusiness start-ups. Mr. Koustubh Kanade, Mr. Mudda, Mr. Deborshi Moitra, and Mr. Daara Patel spoke at length about nutraceuticals and immunity, government regulations and norms, and vaccinations.

Overall, it was a very enthusiastic, interest-driven, and enriching opportunity for our students. At Chetana’s we don’t miss any chance to help our students grow and acquire new skills and learn more about the industry to become better future leaders and we promise to keep it going.

For this conference, our supporting partners were:

Manipal University SICCI AIWMI Business Standard NEHHDC Keshari Industries


International Conference


A Water Secure World

January 18, 2020

In association with

Water Resources Department
Government of Maharashtra

January 18, 2020

International Water Conference – A Water Secure World: A Report

Chetana’s Institutes of Management and Research hosted a day-long international conference on a water secure world on the campus, on January 18, 2020. The event provided a forum for researchers and practitioners in the field to share ideas and research.

The event was inaugurated by Dr Madhumita Patil, CEO, CIMR. In her inaugural address, Dr Patil spoke about how the conference was driven by students , outlined the various initiatives taken by CIMR Founder-President, the late Shri Madhukarrao Chaudhari, towards water conservation and management, and also emphasized on the need for water management and security.

After the event was declared open, the keynote speaker, Ajay Popat, President, Ion Exchange India Ltd, showed the students a compelling video based on the vision of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on what the year 2070 would look like if we did not adopt water conservation practices with immediate effect. He took a more technical approach and provided us with facts and figures to stress the serious problem of water scarcity and its consequences for the socio-economic development of the country. After listing out some of the major projects that his company, Ion Exchange India Ltd, had undertaken to increase water security, Mr Popat concluded by saying that water was everyone’s business and that we could make a difference only if we came together in the cause of water conservation.

Niv Pintow was our international speaker from Israel and owner, Livnat Engineering. He focused on the difference between a crisis, a water crisis and a water management crisis. Using Israel as an example, he provided us with the various methods implemented towards becoming a water-secure country. He emphasized on how trust between the people and the government was crucial, and concluded by stating that people would use water conservation techniques once we put a price on water. He was glad to see so many students of Chetana’s Institutes of Management and Research present for the international water conference on a Saturday morning.

Mr Rajendra Pawar, Secretary (CADA), Govt. of Maharashtra, took up Mr Pintow’s point further and explained how Israel did what India was now striving to do. He explained the difference in water demand between rural and urban areas, and threw light on the various water conservation initiatives undertaken by the state government. Mr Pawar concluded by urging the students to act as ambassadors to spread awareness about climate change and the need for water security.

The three speakers were then presented with tokens of appreciation followed by a vote of thanks by Dr Hufrish Majra, Faculty of Marketing at CIMR, who summed up the key takeaways from our speakers and reminded us that water security was ultimately in our hands.

The conference continued with a panel discussion on Innovative Practices in Water Management. The panel – which included Mr Harish Chandar (Director, India tech), Mr Vinay Deodhar (Director, Clean tech solutions), Mr Romiel Samuel (Executive Director, Indus Water Institute) and Mr Milind Murudkar (MD, Saisanket Enterprises) was moderated by Dr. Sandeep Nemlekar (Associate Professor, CIMR).

The panel discussion began with Mr Deodhar telling us about how wastewater should not be considered a waste and the need for shorter transport routes to reduce water wastage. Mr Chandar emphasised on the integration of AI, IoT and Cloud Computing in water management and how technology was the way to sustainable water security. Mr Samuel made us realise about the lack of awareness with regard to water conservation and the various available career opportunities in the field. Mr Murudkar cited examples of various crops and explained how different cultivation techniques impacted water conservation.

Dr Nemlekar then posed questions to the panel.

On whether copying Israel’s practices was the way to go, Mr Samuel responded by saying that although they would benefit India to some extent, there was no single solution and the answer would vary based on the problem at hand. They then informed the students regarding the various career opportunities in the water sector, following by which the panel was opened to questions from the student-audience.

The students then conducted a research paper presentation in three tracks, followed by a valedictory address. The conference elicited participation from academia, industry and government.

(With inputs from Anshuman Singh, Bhavesh Bhole and Thayn Trikannad)


chetanas HR conclave

Trends in Compensation and Benefits driving performance

Chetana’s HR Conclave 2020 ‘Bandhan …. Creating bonds’ in association with VANS Skilling and Advisory was held on 25th January, 2020. The theme for this year was ‘Trends in Compensation and Benefits Driving Performance’, which was inspired by the need for organisations to align their HR strategies and practices with industry 4.0, which has led to the growing importance of Smart Human Resources 4.0 (Smart HR 4.0). There is a need for leaders to adopt a forward-thinking in their HR strategy and practices and design compensation and benefits programs that can attract and retain the right talent and combat talent management challenges.

The forum brought inspirational business leaders and HR professionals to share their experience and best practices on Compensation and Benefits strategies to drive performance and enhance the employee value proposition. Eminent HR leaders, practicing professionals, academicians, and students attended the event. The deliberations at the conclave enabled participants to gain insights on practical solutions and strategies that they could implement to develop a competitive advantage to today’s talent marketplace using compensation and rewards.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Shri Shridatta Haldankar, President Chetana’s Trust, Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, and I/C Director CIMR, Dr. Jayashri Bhakay, Director, CRKIMR, keynote speaker Mr. Anubhav Gupta, Director with Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting Practice and speakers for the day.

Keynote speaker, Mr. Anubhav Gupta gave significant industry insights about strategic incentives and executive compensation. He also spoke about the need for environmental governance. He inspired the HR aspirants to explore more opportunities in the domain and emphasised on the importance of compensation in any organisation.

The address was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Using compensation & benefits strategy to drive Employee Value Proposition’. The panel consisted of Ms. Shruti Shrivastava, Head of total rewards and HR service excellence at Kotak life, Ms. Vishakha Sawlapurkar ,Cluster Lead for Mercer, Ms. Shilpa Srivastava, HR Head of Allianz global corporate & specialty and Mr. Debashish Majumdar, HR Manager,Performance and reward at Marico Ltd. the moderator for this discussion was Dr. Mahesh Luthia Associate Professor and Area Chair (HR), CIMR.

The introduction of the panellists highlighted the considerable experience and expertise of each speaker in compensation and benefits. In his opening remarks as the moderator, Dr. Mahesh Luthia opened the discussion by asking the panellists to share their experiences on how organizations can create a fascinating employee value proposition in a diverse workforce and how does it get manifested in the whole compensation agenda. The panel discussion revolved around various key areas related to different approaches and challenges around designing a holistic compensation strategy that would help organisations attract and retain talent in the current dynamic environment.

Ms. Shruti Srivastava spoke on how organizations can create a fascinating employee value proposition by adopting a philosophy "Careers for life" where employees can experience opportunities for growth within the organisation. She shared her practical experience on how HR can provide a compelling value proposition to attract young talent and retain the diverse workforce. She encourage students that they must focus on building a strong knowledge-based before they take up a career in the industry.

Ms. Vishakha Sawlapurkar shared her views on how the employee value proposition can motivate employees and the need to identify personas of employees to customize rewards. She also outlined the importance of developing an emotional connect with employees while adopting a total rewards approach in compensation. She shared her practical perspective on how employee engagement can contribute to this process or retaining key talent. While addressing the question on the challenges firms face to address the diverse needs of the current workforce, she explained the role of a strong organisation culture and the importance of aligning performance to pay.

Mr. Debashish Majumdar highlighted the importance of creating employee experiences as a value proposition. He highlighted how organisations can focus on employee experiences while administering compensation and benefits and how these benefits are relevant to the diverse new-age workforce. He also explained how firms are aligning their compensation strategy to meet expectations of the younger workforce joining organisations with technology capabilities and need for faster growth.

Ms. Shilpa Srivastava addressed the question on how compensation and rewards strategy are maintaining a balance between using competitive compensation structures to retain talent within the organisation and managing costs while using outsourcing strategy. She mentioned how firms manage a balance between these two continuums. She emphasised that firms are constantly evaluating on which functions or tasks can be outsourced to achieve efficiency. Core functions cannot be outsourced and hence firms continue to attract, retain and reward talent.

Before concluding the panel discussion each panellist gave valuable advice to students and young budding HR professionals on the need to keep pace with change, learn through experience, develop networks and most important have a clear sense of purpose and values that would help them succeed in the long run. The participants had an opportunity to interact with the panellist during the Q & A session.

After the engaging panel discussion Dr. Chunduru Srinivas, Chief Mentor at VANS, was felicitated for receiving Hon. Doctoral Award, doctor of Excellence in the field of "Management" UCT by Delaware, USA. By Shri Shridatta Haldankar, President Chetana’s Trust, Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, and I/C Director CIMR, Dr. Jayashri Bhakay, Director, CRKIMR, The felicitation was followed by Dr. Srinivas address on flexible pay. He shared interesting examples on how organisations can design effective compensation structures to address employees of different generations and having different needs. He emphasised that firms have a more pragmatic approach while designing pay structures while keep life events into consideration.

The post tea session comprised of two expert speakers from the industry. Ms. Elizabeth Paul, Sr. Vice President – Human Resources at Clover Infotech Pvt. Ltd. spoke on concepts related to variable pay and how it can drive performance across different roles. She shared practical challenges that firms are facing while designing variable pay structures especially in a competitive environment.

Mr Kunal Patel, Sr. Manager Tata international Ltd. gave an interesting presentation on the Balance Sheet Approach in international compensation during employee mobility. He demonstrated the impact of differences in price index between India and Singapore on expat pay.

HR Conclave 2020, ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Indira Singh followed by the National Anthem.

Why to Attend:

chetanas HR conclave

Insights from Expert Speaker and Panel Discussion


chetanas HR conclave

Expert tips and business solutions from the Industry leaders


chetanas HROPSYS

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s Artificial Intelligence” – Dave Waters

HROPSYS, a synergistic event of HR, Operations & Systems, was held at Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research on 26th September 2018 on the theme “Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence”.

Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO, welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr. Amitabha Sinha, Partner – Leadership Consulting & Board Advisory Practice, Cornerstone Group. Mr. Sinha elucidated various aspects of AI such as the value propositions for businesses, opportunities & limitations that it holds. By providing everyday examples, he demonstrated AI having a promising future but with vastly unexplored territories.

For panel discussion, speakers included Ms. Mobina Kakajiwala, HR Business Partner, Beckman Coulter Inc, Mr. Lalit Popli, IT Head, ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd, Mr. Ashok Asawale, CISO & VP, Partner Collaboration, Mahindra IT and Mr. Shyam Iyer, Founder & CEO, 60Bits Consulting, along with moderator Mr. Vinay Henge, CMO, GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd. The discussion revolved around changing employee dynamics, industry 4.0, automation by organizations at various levels and future of intelligence in the age of artificial intelligence.

For the concluding session, Mr. Yasir Arafat, CTO, Macksofy Technologies Pvt Ltd highlighted the security concerns related to AI that gave the audience some food for thought and an important question to ponder upon – How do we ensure that AI remains safe and beneficial in future?


chetanas arthanaad

At a time when scams have become synonymous with banking and financial institutions, Chetana’s Institutes of Management and Research’s Finance forum flagship event, “Arthanaad 2019” themed as ,” NBFC Crisis – A Reality Check” aimed at educating the business leaders of tomorrow about the challenging yet promising NBFC sector. The industry relevant topic would provide the much-needed exposure to the participants. The event held on November 22nd at the campus premises was declared open by Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO of CRKIMR and CIMR.

Mr. Chunduru Srinivas (Founder & CEO, VANS Skilling & Advisory) conducted a highly interactive and informative MasterClass on about the NBFC Sector. He covered the entire gamut of the NBFC sector including their origins, importance, business model and the issues leading to the present-day crisis through several industry relevant case studies

The event also witnessed a panel discussion on the current challenges facing the NBFCs and the way forward. The panelists included Mr. Sujan Sinha (Former MD, Shriram Housing Finance), Mr. Satish Mehta (Founder & CEO, Athena Advisors), Mr. Deepak Agrawal (Sr. VP, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund), Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Taneja (GM, Central Bank of India). Mr. Ashish Jha (Former Associate Director of CRISIL Ltd) moderated the panel discussion. The panel during the course of its deliberations reflected on NBFC’s contribution towards the lending system of our country and how its existence was paramount to a country like ours where the formal banking sector cannot reach. The panel reiterated the vital role of NBFCs in driving the economic growth of India and that “failures of few companies shall not undermine the entire sector”. The students got the opportunity to learn from the best minds drawn from the world of finance.


chetanas elixir

Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research marked the 27th successful year of its flagship General Management event ELIXIR, in all its glory. The theme “START-UPS: Trends and More” drew its relevance from the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship and increase in the numbers of budding entrepreneurs.

The event witnessed inspirational speeches by the Chief Guest Mr. Shailesh Dhuri, Executive Director at Decimal Point Analytics and Guest of Honour Mr. Uday Wankawala, CEO- Atal Incubation Centre, who exhorted the students to recognise their strengths and potential as an entrepreneur.

One of the exciting features of Elixir 2019 was the Inter-Class Startup Video Contest wherein the students of PGDM and MMS presented some innovative ideas for setting up their own start-ups. Students of MMS-B were declared Runners Up while Students of PGDM-A took home the Winner’s Trophy.

A Panel of established Start-up Leaders and Esteemed Alumni of Chetana’s, Mr. Mohit Palhade, Mr. Anurag Mundra, Mr. Randhir Roy, Mr. Suraj Mohan & Moderator Ms. Azmat Jagmag shared their experiences and motivated students to believe in themselves, innovate, test their ideas, be passionate and keep learning from their failures.


chetanas vipanan

Vipanan – 2019, an annual marketing event of Chetana’s Institutes of Management & Research was held on 23rd November 2019 in the institute premises. Theme of the conference was ‘“Predictive marketing analytics to meet the expectations of Gen Z”. The event was sponsored by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (B.P.C.L.)

Conference was inaugurated by our CEO, Dr. Madumita Patil. It featured number of eminent industry experts who spoke & guided students on the conference theme through their addresses & panel discussions. Mr. Anand Bhatia, CMO – Fino Payments Bank was chief guest for the event. He dwelled on evolution of marketing analytics and especially predictive analytics. He also explained how predictive analytics is helping them in banking industry to cater to the needs of Gen Z customers. Mr. Rohan Sharma, Head-Analytics, Reliance Industries Ltd was Guest of Honour. He explained to students various live applications of Predictive analytics techniques in Marketing.

This was followed by Panel discussion. Panel comprised of eminent persons from different fields viz. Dr. Sunil Lakdawala, Adjunt Faculty, S.P. Jain School of Global Management, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar, Founder & CEO Tathawamasi Consulting Lt., Ms. Preeti Jadhav, VP-Revenue, Vidooly, Ms. Ms. Azmat Jagmag, Founder, Masala Chain & Ex- CMO, Zee Telefilms. This Panel discussion was ably moderated by our Faculty Dr. Hufrish Majra Associate Professor of Marketing. It was an interesting discussion covering unique characteristics of Gen Z, their needs and how we could use Predictive analytics to take care of these needs. Initially, the topic was introduced by the moderator followed by opening comments from each of the panellists. Ms. Preeti Jadhav explained how organizations are using the right tools and solutions for collating data and implementing various strategies. Ms. Azmat Jagmag talked about how predictive analytics help improve content distribution. She gave lot of instances to substantiate for the same. Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar clarified how successful or unsuccessful is predictive analytics in enhancing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Lastly, Dr Sunil Lakhdawala mentioned how could better analysis of optimal campaign channels and content be made through predictive analytics.

This event culminated into ‘Brand Quiz’, sponsored by B.P.C.L. It was anchored by professional quizmaster – Mr. Runal Dahiwade. More than 100 teams participated in qualifying rounds. Out of these 51 teams made it to the semi-final and ultimately six teams reached the Grand Finale. Quiz had very interesting & tough questions. Teams were cheered by capacity crowd of students. Top three teams were awarded Top Prize, 1st Runner- up & 2nd Runner Up.

Overall, it was very informative, interesting & participative event.


Challenger is an annual sports and cultural event held at Chetanas. The event witnesses a very enthusiastic response from the students of both the senior and junior batches. The sports event, planned entirely by the non-teaching staff of the Institute has a variety of indoor and outdoor sports activities for both boys and girls. Innovative games such as book hunt and theme related poster competitions also are highlights of this event. The three-day event culminates with a grand cultural extravaganza where student perform skits, dances and other variety programs.


The MMS and PGDM batch, 2016- 18 of Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research had a magnificent convocation ceremony on 16 Feb 2019, at CIMR auditorium.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Hemant Songadkar, CGM - NABARD congratulated the students for their accomplishments and encouraged them to stay focused on carrying forward Chetana’s legacy of ethical leadership. He also highlighted how success is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and competence.

Chetana’s CEO, Dr. Madhumita Patil proudly presented the Annual Report of 2018-19, mentioning the different milestones in the institutes’ journey towards excellence and administered the oath.

The Directors conferred the graduation degrees/diplomas upon a total of 101 MMS, 176 PGDM and 59 PGDM-Marketing students and the meritorious students were felicitated with medals. The presidential award, in memory of the Founder President Late Shri Madhukarrao Chaudhari, for best academic performance, was received by Ms. Amruta Desai in MMS and Mr. Anvay Kuvalekar in PGDM, who sent a clear message to all that the future certainly belongs to those who believe in their dreams and turn it into reality through relentless efforts.



chetanas launch research lab

Chetana's Institute of Management & Research and Chetana's R K Institute of Management & Research, in partnership with VANS Investment and Advisors launched the “Research and Investor Lab on Monday, 23 July, 2018. Dr Madhumita Patil, CEO of Chetana's and Mr Srinivas Chunduru, Founder and CEO of VANS Investor & Advisor inaugurated the Investor Lab and set the ball rolling. The Research and Investor lab is a partnership between industry and academia. The lab is designed with strong research orientation, having over 10 associates from industry and the Institute, working on extensive data for white papers, market research, financial analysis and to develop unique score cards for the entire value chain. The Research & Investor Lab is the flagship initiative and is based on the three verticals of VANS, Investing, Skilling and Scaling. For Chetana's it is yet another innovative learning pedagogy


In the era of globalisation, strategic alliances and international exposure is mandatory. It is important for students to appreciate cultural nuances and gain insights into academics in other countries. This gives them a better understanding of the global marketplace. CIMR Students' interaction with students from leading universities LA- Trobe University, New York State University and Swinburne Australia is a common feature at CIMR. Students from other countries during interaction bring a unique flavor to the campus with graduate degrees in various fields and international work experience which add to the diversity and peer group learning.


In association with Tata Technologies; Organized by Tata Sons / Tata Sustainability Group

Date & Day of Activity: 21st Sept 2019, Saturday

Time of Activity: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Venue : Chimbai Beach ,Bandra West ,Mumbai

Name of Activity : “Swachhata Hi Seva 2019” campaign

Name of Co-ordinator from Chetana’s Institute: Prof. Ruchika Garhwal (CRKIMR)

SPOC from Tata Technologies: Mr. Akhil Airan

SPOC from Tata Sons: Ms. Sneha Powar / Ms. Kinjal Jain

Faculties participated on the day of Activity: Prof. Geeta Shetti(CRKIMR), Prof. Seva (CIMR) , Prof. Ruchika Garhwal.

Faculty Guide & Support for the Activity: Dr. Sandeep Nemlekar (CIMR)

Names of Students coordinators:

Description of the Activity: Swachhta hi Seva 2019 was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Mathura on September 11, 2019. The Swachhta hi Seva 2019 theme is ‘plastic waste awareness and management’. The campaign is being organized from 11th September to October 2nd 2019, as the Swacha Bharat Mission (SBM) is poised to dedicate an ODF India to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. The launch of SHS was organized jointly by the central Departments of Animal Husbandry and Dairying and Drinking Water and Sanitation and the Government of Uttar Pradesh. In order to contribute to the above campaign Tata Sons had organized a Beach Cleaning activity under Tata Sustainability Group. Mr. Akhil from Tata Technologies approached Chetana’s Institute to participate in this massive drive.

Total 52 student volunteers and 3 faculties from Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research participated in the activity. The students had reached the location at 8.30 a.m. They were provided with Gloves by Tata Technologies. Other employees from Tata Group were also present for Beach Cleaning. Everybody was enthusiastic towards the contribution to the society. Chetana’s students started cleaning the beach at 8.45 a.m. till 10.45 a.m. They overall enjoyed the activity. Later students were provided with snacks by TSG after the activity was completed. Also video bytes were taken by Tata Group of the students.

Following were the terms between Tata Technologies and Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research for the Activity as per the email sent by Mr. Akhil from Chetana’s.

  • The Beach cleaning activity would take place on 21st Sep, 9-11 am at Chimbai Beach, Bandra West. Tata Sons would provide and bear for the activity and snacks for the students.
  • The students participation would be approx.. 30-40 students, max. 50.
  • In branding, Chetana’s Institute may use Tata Logo, Tata Technologies logo and other creatives related to the activity ( Swachhta hi Seva 2019, content etc.)
  • Tata Technologies would provide the certificates to students.
  • Hashtags #SHS2019, #TeamTata, #ThisisTata, #TataEngage can be used
  • Provide us with a formal letter from colleges to allow Tata Sons to take pictures and videos/bytes of students during the drive.
  • Travel of students would be arranged by colleges itself.
  • No other financial transactions involved in the activity.

As per the communication by Ms. Kinjal, more than 40,000 kgs of garbage was collected from Chimbai Beach after the activity. It was indeed a grand success.

The entire activity was Guided and Approved by Dr. Madhumita Patil Ma’am (CEO , CIMR / CRKIMR) and Prof. Suhas Gharat (I/C Director ,CRKIMR)

List of Students participated in the activity:

Manasi Nehate Ankita Suvarna Mahima Udar Saurabh Gupta
Chinmay Sawant Ritik Mishra Nidhi Dedhia Shreyas bhamburkar
Siddharth Jain Mahavir Sain Riya Desai Manisha mishra
Ekta Upadhyay Divyang Chheda Riya singh
Sajal Sharma Tanya Gupta Akash Wankhede Shubham Dhere
Abhishek Kumar Ujjwal Kumar Dey Mihir Mevada Dhiraj yadav
Sanoja Kejriwal Sheetal Ghugare Jitesh Parab Jai Kothari
Rohan Rajput Aishwarya Satavase Yesh Pathak Chinmay Toshniwal
Seemin Kazi Manvi Shah Manan Shah Nupur Bulbule
Niki Hemani Harsh Parekh Meet Doshi Harshita maloo
Hardik Vasa Mrunali Bhanushali Sachin poojari Sharon Singh
Rishikesh Shinde   Gaurav Shingare Kunal Parab
Tanmay Shinde     Adesh chavan
      Shivpriya Iyer
      Vishesh Goel
      Ammar Sayyed


chetanas industrial visit

The study tour of CIMR is an approach to develop fact based learning. It is a process initiated to reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Students are taken to various industrial sites during the study tour to enhance experiential learning. During the study tour students explore the organization (the company they visit) with reference to Marketing, Finance, Operations, Systems and HR issues. Students are then required to have a discussion in their respective classes on return. This helps them understand and connect dots of the industry that makes an organization. Such activities both in classroom and on field develops social sensitivity, analytical and problem solving approach amongst students.

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Mandatory Disclosures : Mandatory | AICTE Approvals

FAX : 022 26423392

Contact Us : Chetana's Institute of Management and Research New Bldg Survey No. 341, Govt. Colony Bandra East, Mumbai 400051